Keep in Mind the Factors that Can Affect your Choice of Swimming Pool

It is the dream of most homeowners to have a pool in their homes to relax in or exercise. To maximize your swimming pool experience and investment, you need to consider various factors to ensure your pool will provide plenty of enjoyment for your family and add value to your home in future.

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A Few Useful Tips on Choosing the Best Shape for Your Fiberglass Pool

Aside from size, another important consideration when having a fiberglass pool installed in your yard is which shape to choose. Geometric-shaped pools such as rectangular, oval and Roman are more formal and look fabulous close to the house as they match the linear edges of the dwelling. On the other hand, if you’re thinking of having your pool placed towards the bottom of the garden, kidney, freeform and figure eight-shaped pools are ideal as they have a more natural look and fit snugly into their surroundings.

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Why Fibreglass Pools Offer Homeowners a Hassle-Free Pool Experience

Australians own more domestic swimming pools per capita than any other population. The long hot summers are not the only reason for their popularity but many believe they can also add a lot of value to a property as long as the design and installation is done in the right way.

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Leading Backyard Swimming Pool Trends for 2016 You Should Consider

As 2016 kicks in, a brand-new set of trends for backyard swimming pool design are starting to emerge.

The Year of the Courtyard Pool

Long gone are the days of a 750m2 affordable house and land package. New home lots are now smaller on average around the 400m2 mark to make them affordable for first home buyers. Smaller courtyard pools to suit reduced yard sizes will become more and more popular in future as housing affordability continues to be an issue for new home owners.

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