Some FAQs about Swimming Pools Everyone Should Know

Pools are a great source of exercise and recreation. They also provide a place of peace and tranquillity – there is something about a nice, pristine body of water, which calms and soothes ones emotions. Keeping your swimming pool in tip top shape all year round should not be a burden, following a few simple tips will ensure you keep your swimming pool and filtration equipment in good working order.

Quick Guide To Pool Maintenance

Skimmer boxes are one of the essential tools in keeping your filtration system clear of debris. Pool return jets push water towards your skimmer box to ensure water is continually circulated through your pool and its filtration system. The skimmer box is designed to catch floating debris such as leaves and other plant matter. They need to be checked and emptied periodically to maintain proper water circulation. Vacuuming your pool either manually or automatically with a pool cleaner is essential in helping to prevent stains on your pool floor and walls, remove sediment and keep water clear.

Using a telescopic pole with net greatly assists the skimmer box by capturing debris and removing it from the pool prior to it entering the skimmer. Brushing the pool walls is also beneficial from time to time to remove built up dirt and debris. Use a stainless steel brush for concrete or its nylon alternative for fibreglass and other types of pools. Brushing also helps to remove oils and scum built up on the pool waterline.

Pool Owners Rewarded When Regularly Maintaining their Pools

The fact that homeowners do not have to deal with costly and unnecessary repairs due to regular maintenance make the job much more palatable. They also have peace of mind that their pools filtration system is functioning at its optimum level with proper maintenance practices in place.

Keeping Your Pool in Top Condition

The heart of your swimming pool would have to be its pump and filter – your pools filtration system. On top of this a good sanitising system such as a saltwater chlorination system is required to keep your water free from contaminants. Combined, the water filtration and sanitisation system keeps your pool water circulating to keep it free from algae and bacteria. Making sure you backwash your filter regularly or clean its filter element if you have a cartridge filter installed will go along way to keeping your pool water in pristine condition.


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