A Few Useful Tips on Choosing the Best Shape for Your Fiberglass Pool

Aside from size, another important consideration when having a fiberglass pool installed in your yard is which shape to choose. Geometric-shaped pools such as rectangular, oval and Roman are more formal and look fabulous close to the house as they match the linear edges of the dwelling. On the other hand, if you’re thinking of having your pool placed towards the bottom of the garden, kidney, freeform and figure eight-shaped pools are ideal as they have a more natural look and fit snugly into their surroundings.

Rectangular-shaped pools have a very clean, streamlined shape. They are the most common shape of all swimming pools and are available in a plethora of sizes. Lap Pools, narrow and straight, are perfect for swimming lengths. Slightly wider pools are great for swimming laps as well as mixing with some fun. Rectangle shapes are also very easy to cover. Despite having a more formal feel to it, a rectangular-shaped pool can really beautify an outdoor space with the addition of shrubbery, water features, modern lighting and classic decking.

For a more natural look, opt for a kidney-shaped pool. The lack of straight edges and crisp lines means that this kind of pool can easily blend into the natural surroundings and can therefore transform your garden into a stunning oasis. The fact that it is suited to backyards of any size or shape makes it another popular pool shape.

For water sport enthusiasts, an oval-shaped pool comes highly recommended as the perimeter is perfect for easily arranging sports equipment and games. Although quite formal in design, the rounded corners of an oval-shaped pool make it appear softer to the eye than a rectangular-shaped pool.

Figure eight-shaped pools are ideal for families and parties. With the indentations clearly marking the separation between the shallow end and the deep end, this kind of pool is particularly good for young children. The indentations are also handy for adding greenery, water features and even a spa for an attractive and relaxing outdoor paradise.

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