Why Fibreglass Pools Offer Homeowners a Hassle-Free Pool Experience

Australians own more domestic swimming pools per capita than any other population. The long hot summers are not the only reason for their popularity but many believe they can also add a lot of value to a property as long as the design and installation is done in the right way.

Milder and Less Abrasive

Due to the non-porous nature of a fibreglass pool, the required chemicals are neither absorbed into the material nor do they bleed into the water. The smooth surface of fibreglass is less abrasive on swimmers skin especially that of young children and also makes it harder for algae to develop.

Concrete pools cause the pH to rise due to the alkaline content of the cement and require more work and chemicals to keep the water balanced. Environmental responsibility is something that everyone must share, a fibreglass pool provides an appropriate solution.

Water Quality in Check

The ideal pH value for pool water is between 7.2 and 7.6. Any higher or lower and irritation is likely to be experienced by bathers and problems will occur with the pool as the water is either too corrosive or forms scale. Chlorine will not work as efficiently in pools where the pH is not maintained at the appropriate level. Total Alkalinity also needs to be balanced to prevent pH bounce.

Fibreglass pools have become the dominant choice among Australian homeowners due to their quick installation and ease of maintenance. Completely refurbished preloved fibreglass pools are also available providing an option for people to suit any budget. With Australian summers guaranteed to be hot, nothing beats cooling down in your swimming pool at the end of a long warm day.


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