Leading Backyard Swimming Pool Trends for 2016 You Should Consider

As 2016 kicks in, a brand-new set of trends for backyard swimming pool design are starting to emerge.

The Year of the Courtyard Pool

Long gone are the days of a 750m2 affordable house and land package. New home lots are now smaller on average around the 400m2 mark to make them affordable for first home buyers. Smaller courtyard pools to suit reduced yard sizes will become more and more popular in future as housing affordability continues to be an issue for new home owners.

Frameless Glass Fencing

More and more pool owners are opting for an ultra modern look to their backyard space. With all the fantastic colours, finishes, shapes and sizes of pools available in today’s market, it makes sense to complement the pool with a similar new age and functional perimeter fence with stainless steel feet and wall brackets. Although more expensive than a standard tubular steel type the finished look of the outdoor entertaining area will speak for itself.

Lighting the Pool

Fibre optic and LED lights inside backyard pools as well as surrounding areas on decks and fence lines are seriously on trend. These lights can cycle through different colours or remain static, and regularly come with dimming options. As LED technology really takes off, brighter LED’s with greater luminosity and new soothing colours are becoming available, creating relaxing spaces never dreamed of before.

Integrating a BBQ into your swimming pool space is now a big deal. The range of built in, heavy duty custom made outdoor furniture available is larger than it has ever been. The norm now is to have at least a six burner BBQ, sink and bar fridge next to your pool. It’s part of a movement towards making the pool area an outdoor room in its own right, many designers adding kitchen areas around the edge of the pool to create new entertaining and family spaces. This marriage of comfort, beauty and usability is, after all, what pools will be all about this 2016.



6 Latest Trends in Decorating and Upgrading Backyard Swimming Pools, Lushome


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