Top 3 Swimming Pool Shapes

Pools come in a variety of designs and one important factor for choosing the best for your home and lifestyle is the shape. There are lots of shapes to choose from, but they are basically patterned around these three:


Geometric pools are the most formal and traditional-looking design. They may be pure rectangle in shape though most are designed with subtle curves to lighten up the tone. These types are popular among swimmers who intend to use the pool for laps. They’re usually placed near the home because their straight sides and narrow design blends better with the architecture.


A kidney-shaped pool is like a long oval with an indentation on one side and pretty much shaped like a bean. It has been a popular alternative to geometric-shaped pools as it fits well in virtually any size of backyard, especially if there aren’t suitable areas to build near the house. It can provide a shallow end for kids and a deep end for adults and swimmers, not to mention that the indentation makes a perfect spot for a spa.


A freeform pool is usually designed to mimic natural bodies of water such as an oasis, a lagoon, or a pond. It can come in nearly any curvilinear shape and does not adhere to most standard pool designs. It’s built to blend well with the landscaping and is often combined with natural elements such as rocks, waterfall features, and palm trees or shrubberies.


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