Top Fibreglass Pool Tips

Are you planning to install a fibreglass pool? Are you wondering why some installation and maintenance tips never seem to disappear across blogs? Here are the top two of those tips that professional pool contractors won’t get tired of repeating and the reasons behind their urgency:


Do your research.


When it comes to the costs, you should also consider any permit application fees, insurance implications, pool cleaning equipment and pump, fencing services, paving and landscaping fees, and other expenses, aside from the fibreglass pool prices. Make sure you get good warranties as well.


Take your time in planning the look and dimensions of your pool, too, since they can affect maintenance. Make sure you pick designs that you would find pleasing and functional even decades from now. Get to know potential problem spots, such as spots in your backyard where tree roots can invade the pool and areas where the pool can be shaded from the elements or get cooling breezes.


Never drain your pool without the pros.


This can end up damaging your pool (with warped or cracked walls) and shortening the time you can enjoy it. Normally, fibreglass pools can last around 20 to 40 years without developing major problems. You should simply use pool vacuums, chemicals, and other cleaning agents or solutions for dirty, smelly water. If you have to drain it and replace the water, get help from the experts.


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