Chlorine vs. Salt Water for Your Pool

One of the many trivial issues when installing a pool is what kind of water or cleaning you should use: conventional chlorinated water, or water with a salt water system. Both of them have been around for decades, and homeowners all over the world have chosen one over the other for a variety of reasons. Here are the basic things you need to know regarding these two options:


Chlorinating Your Pool Water


A chlorine system is still a more economical choice when you consider the initial costs. If the instructions on applying chlorine are followed correctly, it effectively maintains the cleanliness and safety of your pool.


Using Salt Water


To be clear, you don’t really haul sea water to make a salt water pool. You use a salt water treatment to clean the water. Chlorine will still be the chemical that cleans the pool, but it is naturally occurring in the salt instead of being applied to the water on its own. The water won’t be really salty (like going for a swim at the beach), either. Only about 10% of the salt concentration of seawater is observed in salt water pools.


What makes this option preferable for many homeowners is the system’s ability to make maintenance a lot more convenient. Even if the equipment requires more upfront costs, they will need less surveillance. The salt can also be more efficient in cleaning the pool and it’s less likely for you to encounter that distinct “chlorine pool” smell.


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