Building the Ideal Pool and Patio Combination

Many homeowners have combined patios and pools to great effect, making the two work naturally well with each other. However, there are some that have made serious mistakes, like overburdening a small pool with patio materials, reducing a luxury pools elegance by adding brick or stone motifs, and other similar errors. To help you avoid design blunders, take a look at some of the considerations that need to be taken into account when combining pools with patios:


Patio Size


Your first consideration is to evaluate the size of your patio. Try to imagine how many people will fit comfortably in it and what activities they can do on it. In this case, it’s better to underestimate than to overestimate your patio’s capabilities.


Patio Material


Almost any material can be paired with any type of pool, this much is true. But if you want your pool area to be a sight for sore eyes, then you have to know what patio material works best with the rest of your pool area.


A general guide for choosing: luxury pools work well with a deck made of exotic hardwood or stamped concrete; pond pools are best paired with wood, pavers, unglazed tiles,or naturally-coloured concrete; and tropical pools furnished with either exposed aggregate, pavers, or stamped concrete will be a winning combination.


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