Rev Up the Romance with Fibreglass Pools in Perth

Having a date in your backyard can be very romantic, especially if you have a pool you can take a dip in. You can relax in a plunge pool together and share stories over some sangrias or a bottle of vino. If you set up a barbecue or some outdoor kitchen equipment and an alfresco dining area on the poolside, you can prepare and serve a light, delectable meal, too.

Do you want to add a pool for you and your partner to enjoy? Rev up the romance with creative ideas on choosing and designing around Perth fibreglass pools:

  • Choose a pool with smaller dimensions and a shape that fits well into your backyard. You don’t want the space to look cramped even if you’re aiming for an intimate feel. Fibreglass pools can be fabricated to dimensions as small as 5 by 2 metres or 6 by 3 metres, give or take, which can fit courtyards with limited space and cosily accommodate couples.
  • Opt for a kidney-shaped pool. This and its variations can be configured nicely to your backyard and leave room for water features like waterfalls or fountains, for landscaping and for furnishings to make a Zen retreat for two. You can even have a pleasant little hot tub placed on the curve of the pool.

Don’t forget the lighting. Ambient lighting from lamps or sconces with a warm glow spells romance during night-time dates. You can also have a fire pit or fireplace built into your backyard design.


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