Fibreglass Pools: Great Value for Less Upkeep

As much as a pool is a capital investment, you don’t want to cut corners when buying one. Your first pool will most likely be your last, so it’s important that you’re getting your money’s worth. If you want the best of both worlds─ high quality and low price─ the closest you’ll get are fibreglass pools. Here’s why they fit the bill:


Pools are generally built onsite but not fibreglass pools. They’re designed and manufactured at the pool contractor’s facility under a controlled environment. The pool is delivered as a prebuilt hull, complete with inlets and outlets as well as the steps. Building materials such as concrete and tiles can be reduced or done away with entirely.


Hate the periodic pool maintenance? Fibreglass pools are made from inorganic composites, meaning no fungus will be growing along the surfaces even if it’s chock full of water. With an intact hull, it can prevent any external body from invading the pool. As a result, the water will rarely need shock treatments and the like.


Thanks to the durability of fibreglass, pools made of it can last long enough to switch hands. One man’s removal of his fibreglass pool will be another man’s affordable opportunity to install one. In most cases, pools can also change homes. Pool contractors transport the hulls to the new house and install them, doing away with the need for a new pool.


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