Removing and Moving a Fibreglass Pool

Some homeowners may no longer see the need to keep their fiberglass pool for much longer. Whether you plan on expanding the house or the kids have moved out and you’re not as interested in keeping it around, pool contractors can remove it and return the backyard to its pre-pool state. They’ll make sure the ground is solid enough for any new structure to be built upon.

The beauty of a fiberglass pool is that the entire pool hull can be removed from the backyard completely, albeit with heavy equipment. Should there be any concrete, which is typically used for the patio, you have the option of retaining or demolishing it. The important thing is to fill the hole left behind with soil to serve other uses.

As for the removed pool, it would eventually find a new home. Until that time comes, the pool would remain at the facility either in storage or undergoing refurbishing work. Fibreglass pools are sturdy enough to be used multiple times, provided they receive basic maintenance. This makes them more affordable than other pool options.

If that new home happens to be yours, pool contractors can transport and install the pool there. The hull would be transported via a fifth-wheel trailer, tightly secured to prevent falling off along the way. It may require some repair work prior to installation, but the contractor should have that covered a part of their service.


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