Three Pool Enhancements to Consider

You’ve had your pool for years, and now it’s starting to look a bit bland. Thinking about the best pool enhancements to make? Here are a few suggestions that are sure to make your next pool experience a lot more fun:

LED lighting

When it comes to lighting options that save money, LED lighting is the bomb. LEDs are known to be extremely energy-efficient, so you won’t have to worry about how much they’re going to cost you on utility bills. LED lights can instantly turn your pool area into an inviting, after-hours haven.

Saltwater Chlorination

Within the last decade or so, more pool owners are opting to have saltwater in their pools. Heavily chlorinated pools can be harmful to those allergic to the substance, and saltwater pools are an effective way to combat that.


Pools are not bereft of technological advancements. As such, automating your pool is one of the surest ways to enhance your swimming pool experience. With automation, you can turn on your heaters, lights, and pumps with the push of a button. Even some pool maintenance steps, such as filtration and sanitisation cycles, can be automated.

If you’re interested in upgrading or making the switch to these nifty pool enhancements, discuss your options with your pool provider.


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