3 Cs: Benefits of Saltwater Swimming Pool Systems

Saltwater chlorination systems are a hot commodity in the pool industry these days. In fact, they’re so popular that they’ve started to outnumber traditional chlorine pools in some Australian neighbourhoods. Aside from providing a multitude of skin benefits, saltwater swimming pools have plenty of other advantages that you might like to know, from ensuring your comfort to maximising its price tag.


Saltwater swimming can significantly enhance your pool experience. Chlorine systems tend to cause certain conditions such as itchy skin, red eyes, and dry hair. Even if you use your saltwater pool on a regular basis, you won’t have to endure any of the common discomforts associated with chlorine.


Saltwater pools use less chemicals, which means your pool will be more environmentally safe. If you’re not a fan of chlorine’s odour, then this swimming pool system is clearly the one for you. Plus, saltwater systems are less harmful to any swimming pool’s finish, so whether your pool is made of fibreglass, vinyl, or concrete, its finish will be better protected.


Saltwater swimming pools are inherently low maintenance; they virtually clean themselves and require much less attention than chlorine pools. This benefit only makes it more affordable to own a fibreglass pool. The savings that come with saltwater chlorination systems can bring down the overall price of owning a fibreglass pool significantly.


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