A Year-Round Summer Vibe in Your Courtyard

Although Perth experiences four distinct seasons, it remains sunny for most of the year. Even in rainy or mildly cold winter months, you’re still bound to get some vitamin D on some days.

With such a sunny climate, you’d certainly want to maximise your outdoor living space. You can lounge around your porch on lazy days. You can also tend to your garden and alternate your plants all year.

If you have enough space in your courtyard, you can enjoy unlimited opportunities to soak up the sun and even cool off on warm days. A good way to maximise your outdoor space is to add a plunge pool, where you can relax and cool down any time. Here are some tips to make the year-round summer vibe even better:

Choose the perfect pool shape and features.

Make sure your pool’s design and configuration make the most of what outdoor space you have. If you’ve had water features installed, make sure they do not make your courtyard look cramped or cluttered. You can consult a Perth pool company about the pool designs and water features that would best suit your home.

Accentuate with lively colours.

Select a bright colour for your pool so it emits a cheerful vibe. Surround the pool with boldly coloured benches, patio furniture, and a thriving landscape with vibrant ornamental shrubs and flowers.


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