Great Designs for Kidney-Shaped Fiberglass Pools

Kidney-shaped fiberglass pools in Perth, which can easily fit and look natural in any yard, are popular amongst many homeowners these days. The long oval waterhole indented on one side usually features a shallow end and a deeper one.

The indented side is one of the best traits of this pool design since it gives plenty of room for creativity. You can design a kidney-shaped fibreglass pool in several ways and with different water or decking features to make it a pleasant part of your outdoor living space. Here are some ideas:

  • Surround the pool with stone or wooden decking. White or sandy stone decking gives your pool a clean, pristine look, whilst wooden decking makes the space warmer and more inviting.

  • Place eye-catching plants on the indented side. A tall shrub or a small tree with a few ornamental grasses would work.

  • Enhance the indented side with a waterfall. Nothing says “zen” quite like water cascading down a miniature mountain of stones.

  • Add a spa on the indented side. A round spa will fit perfectly in the curve of the kidney-shaped pool.

  • Combine one or more features. Of course, you can always integrate one or more design ideas. How about a spa that overflows like a fountain into the pool? Get even more creative with stone decking accented with lush plants and colourful flowers to break the monotony.


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