On Extra Pool Precautions

Perth homeowners planning for major renovations like pool installation are required to notify the authorities before proceeding. There’s no telling whether or not a pool may affect an entire area’s water supply.

Fortunately, pool installers personally lodge the necessary paperwork with the authorities—such as The Water Corporation of Western Australia—for a hassle-free installation. So why the extra precaution?

Backflow Prevention

Pools aren’t generally drained, but if they need to be, the water must lead to a property’s sewer cleanout, not the public sewage system. Therefore, drains aren’t uncommon among pools. That said, drains still need protection from backflow, where an excess volume of water in the sewer forces wastewater back up the pool or any plumbing fixture.

Trade Waste

Pools take in all sorts of pollutants, from dirt and grime from human skin to chemical treatments for the pool water. None of these should make their way into the mains and, ultimately, into the city’s natural sources of water. This becomes even more important if the property is located near water sources: rivers, wetlands, and public drinking areas, to name a few.


When troubles arise, utility companies must be able to respond effectively, so any pool project reviewed by authorities must not hinder access to the main lines for purposes of maintenance or emergency. After all, water─ whether for health or recreation─ is everyone’s right.


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