Advantages of a Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass swimming pools have some advantages over traditional concrete pools. Fiberglass pools are molded in one piece, making these types much quicker to install. It can take only a matter of days to get a fiberglass pool completely installed, compared to weeks for a traditional pool.

Fiberglass pools are made from a sturdy, lightweight material that can withstand drastic changes in temperature and requires minimal maintenance. This material is coated with a gel also used on pool slides and boats. While traditional pools may need professional maintenance and cleaning services often, fiberglass pools do not as they are easier to clean and don’t require resurfacing or relining.

Fiberglass pools are also resistant to algae formation and are able to maintain more stable pH levels. This means that it isn’t necessary to add too many chemicals to the water to keep it clean. The less need for circulation, the better for the pool pump, which does not have to work as hard.

Water must remain at all times in a fiberglass pool. If water is drained incorrectly, it may cause damage to the structure. Your fiberglass pool installer should be able to instruct you on the correct way to drain water. Your best bet, of course, is to have a professional pool company take care of it.

Fiberglass pools may cost more than other pool types, but they are tougher and don’t require periodical maintenance, such as surface plastering or liner replacement.


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