3 Ways to Make Your Pool More Elderly-Friendly

A pool offers plenty of benefits for the elderly. With a spa and other soothing features, it can be used for recreation and relaxation. It can also be advantageous to their health, since swimming and water aerobics can be great exercises. Best of all, the pool allows the elderly to socialise and spend time with loved ones.

Do your grandparents love taking a dip in the pool? Make sure it’s safe or safer for them (and for everyone else) by keeping it in shipshape condition. Here are three ways how:

Make sure it’s clean and safe for their skin.

Use your automatic cleaners religiously, remove any fallen leaves or debris immediately, and avoid eating or drinking beside or inside the pool. Changing the water every few years is typically recommended, but it would still depend on how frequent you use the pool and how long the filters run.

Add safety rails.

Sturdy handrails along the steps or throughout the edges of the pool should be installed and should be free from corrosion or defects. Choose powder-coated handrails or other safer materials over metal, which may become burning hot during scorching weathers, and may cause injuries.

Refurbish the fibreglass.

Cracked coating and uneven surfaces can be hazardous for the elderly, so these damages should be repaired as soon as possible. You can also consult the pool refurbishing company if it can make the fibreglass surface and steps less slippery to make it safer for your elder loved ones.


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