Transforming Your Pool into a Party Spot

Swimming laps in the pool is an effective way to work the muscles in your entire body, but the advantage of exercise is not the only reason having your very own pool is a great idea. Your pool also serves as your centre of entertainment when you have guests. To get your guests stoked, here is a brief look at how to transform your pool into an ace entertainment area:


You’re probably already familiar with decking as a way to maximize your outdoor space, but do you know that this can be incorporated into pools as well to make the most out of your pool area? With the right slip-resistant decking, your guests can get in and out of the pool for snacks and drinks, without having to worry about falling over.


Coping is the edging surrounding the swimming pool. It’s usually made from materials like limestone, slate, granite, brick, and concrete pavers. By installing coping in your pool, your guests can jump into the pool all they want without having to worry about splashing water on people outside the pool.

Ambient Lighting

Proper illumination is essential for those days when pool parties would last until the evening—which may be often. The key is to provide sufficient lighting to make sure the place remains safe, while being cool and inviting.


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