Keeping the Solar Heaters Burning

Builders of swimming pools in Perth may offer to install a solar-powered heating system for the pool. Such a mechanism can provide sizeable advantages when you need a hot dip in a terribly cold but clear day. At the same time, if you want more out of the system, you can explore ways to make it happen without investing more.

Controllers and speed pumps

Solar heating systems have a controller and speed pumps to help channel the heat load right down to the pool. A heating system provider might recommend an auto controller, which would monitor the system’s performance and shut it down when it reaches a pre-set temperature. The system would also shut down automatically when there’s not enough clear light to provide for the heating.

Variable speed pumps are used to adjust the level of water going into the heating system. Each solar collector needs to process at least four gallons per minute to achieve optimum heating performance. This may be wasteful if the collectors are not exposed to the right amount of solar lighting.

Solar heat covers

If you have a solar heating system up and running, your pool company would recommend adding heat covers. They are designed to be placed over the pool to maintain the radiant heat. Some studies note that you could lose at least five degrees of your pool temperature if the pool was exposed to cold weather all night.


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