Dive into Aqua Aerobics for Health and Fitness

Lap swimming can be repetitive and boring, so here’s another way to improve fitness in your pool with the whole family: aqua aerobics. Although long known for being the no-impact therapeutic activity for seniors, this fun water therapy can actually benefit individuals of all ages.

From rehabilitation to recreation

Aqua aerobics was originally developed to rehabilitate injuries and increase body strength for those struggling with mobility. Since the body is 90% lighter in water, stress on muscles and weight-bearing joints is reduced, creating a pain-free and invigorating experience for the participant.

For more than 3 million Australians with arthritis, aqua aerobics is ideal since the warm water combined with movement will improve their blood circulation vastly and lessen the aches and pains. Sufferers of asthma and other respiratory ailments will also benefit from water exercising since the constant pressure will help strengthen their breathing.

Total body workout

Since the water creates firm resistance, a participant can get a total body workout by doing repetitive movements while submerged. This activity also elevates the heart rate and so is also beneficial for the participant’s cardiovascular fitness, and those trying to lose weight.

Much more challenging than it looks

When you look at participants doing their moves in the water, their movement looks so fluid and smooth. However, the water pressure constantly bearing down on your body make all your muscles work. To add spice and more fun to your workout, set your routine to music and do it as a group.


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