Advantages of Fiberglass Pools in Perth

Having your very own pool of clear water to dive into is the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. In choosing one for your home, bear in mind that all in-ground swimming pools aren’t created equal—it’s a choice between fiberglass and concrete.

Smooth and gentle on hands and feet

Fiberglass pools in Perth are pre-fabricated and moulded into a variety of shapes that compliment any exterior home design. Unlike tiled concrete pools, they are smooth to the touch and do not have any sharp corners, so scraped extremities will be a thing of the past.


For clients who prefer a saltwater pool over a chlorinated fresh water one, a fiberglass pool is the best option because the surface is sprayed with gel-coat, the same finish used for the hull of boats. In addition, saltwater is more economical to maintain and doesn’t produce the itching and stinging of chlorinated water.

Easy to install

A pre-fabricated fiberglass pool is delivered to your home and installed in the ground. In a matter of days, you and your family will be frolicking and feasting around it. Because of the digging and finishing required for concrete pools, you’d have to wait for months before you can take a dip.

Pre-loved pools available

This is an area where concrete pools cannot compete. Fiberglass pools can be refurbished and sold for an even lower price than brand new. Some owners opt to take their fiberglass pools with them when they move to another city or town.


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