Installing Pool Fences

Many people who have a swimming pool at home know that the safety in and around the pool is just as important as its aesthetic appeal. This becomes even more of a concern when there are children in the house. As such, your provider may recommend that you set up a fence in the most direct routes in and out of the pool area.

The Law

The Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1960 and the Building Regulations 1989 mandate the installation of pool fences and must comply with Australian Standards – AS 1926.1-1993. Under the rules, a home pool fence made of solid materials must be 1.2 metres, while those made of mesh or perforated materials, with holes at least 1.3 centimetres. If there are slits underneath the fence, they cannot be at least 100 millimetres to prevent crawls.


Even though a fence may be set up to cover the access route to the pool area, your contractor may suggest keeping all climbable objects away from the fence. If you intend to have a special gate on the fence, make sure it opens away from the pool and has self-locking capabilities. However, if there are rooms near the fence, their windows should have child-safety locks or are fixed units.

Although the fence around the pool may seem like it’s taking out some of the area’s aesthetics, there should be no question about the need for it, especially when it’s for your loved ones’ own good.


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