Fiberglass Pools Increase Perth Property Values

A homeowner is always on the lookout for how to increase a property’s value. One of the best ways to do this is to build a pool. Fiberglass pools, in particular, are increasingly becoming more popular because of their ease of maintenance and longevity. In fact, even after a fiberglass pool has reached the end of its lifespan, pool companies like Palm City Pools can still breathe life into it.

Unlike vinyl and concrete pools, fiberglass pools can be refurbished. The process is a simple resurfacing of the fiberglass interior wall, which includes fiberglass resin, undercoat primer, and gel coat for UV and chemical resistance. The refurbished pool is brought to the buyer’s home to be installed, provided that the other components of the pool system are in place.

Refurbished fiberglass pool prices are definitely lower than those of new pools, since they are made from already existing moulds. Despite being refurbished, a fiberglass pool can look like brand new with proper installation. The lower cost and fresh appearance can definitely factor significantly into improving the value of a property.

The ease in maintaining a fiberglass pool also adds to its desirability. All it needs is some simple cleaning; algae and other fungi will find it difficult to latch onto its smooth wall surfaces. Luxury homeowners can benefit from the reduced cost of a refurbished fiberglass pool, while enjoying all of its perks.


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