Keeping your fiberglass pool fit

While a fiberglass pool is something you’ll have to save up for, their distinct features will end up saving you in maintenance and repair costs. One of the perks of fiberglass pools is their relatively low maintenance. Bear in mind that low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance though. Here are a few simple steps to take to enjoy your pool for years to come.

Filled forever

Swimming pools in Perth made out of fiberglass are literally like giant bathtubs. The only difference is they shouldn’t be drained because the surrounding earth would cave in once the water is gone. Not replacing the water highlights the importance of water treatment.

Acid test

Most pools require balanced acidity levels as well as chlorine to ensure safety for humans. Follow the instructions in your pool testing kit to determine acidity levels and the amount of chemicals to be added. Make sure to run this test weekly.

Spot checks

Pools are treated with a waterproof gel coat, similar to the one used on boats and other vehicles. Should you notice spots above the water line, these are most likely stains on the gel coat and not the fiberglass.

Brush with care

Avoid using hard-bristle brushes, steel wire, and the like to clean stains. The hard edges could scrape away the gel coat and expose the fiberglass. Lastly, don’t use harsh cleaning chemicals which contain bleach and ammonia as these could poison the water. Use only cleaning products rated safe for home use.



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