Safety Features to Add during Pool Construction

Installing a swimming pool in your backyard is exciting. After all, it allows you to skip the long lines at water parks, while providing an equal amount of family fun—just make sure you add safety measures to your newly installed pool.

Slipping on wet surfaces and a variety of other hazards are present in the pool area. Needless to say, accidents can easily put a damper on all the fun. Keep your guests and loved ones safe by adding the following safety features to your pool:

Anti-slip Mats

The simple act of getting out of a pool can introduce water to the concrete section surrounding it, creating a slipping hazard. Minimise the risk of slips by adding anti-slip mats around the pool’s perimeter. You can also ask your contractor to treat the section with an anti-slip solution.

Of course, slipping into the pool as you’re getting out is also possible. To prevent this, have your contractor install hand rails along your pool’s entry point.

Pool Covers

Find a way to cover your pool while it isn’t in use. This prevents younger children or pets from falling in accidentally. At the same time, save on cleaning costs by keeping out leaves and other debris. Make sure that your pool cover is strong enough to withstand the combined weight of two adults and a child to avoid the cover giving way when something falls on it.


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