How Much Would Building a Pool Cost in Australia?

The heat of Australian summers can be oppressive, however there’s a simple way to beat the heat. Just build a swimming pool in your backyard! The main problem is having to deal with the expenses. Here are a few things to remember to lower those costs.

  • If you have a really tight budget, the best bet you have is an above-ground pool. No digging or fancy stuff. Installing one could cost you about $3,000; planning to surround it with a wood deck adds a few thousand more to the price tag, but it’s still well worth it.

  • If you have the cash to burn, then an in-ground swimming pool is another option. This type of pool offers different types and can easily be modified to your preference. As it is, the price range for this pool, usually made from concrete, is from $10,000 to $20,000 for excavations alone. The additional materials and labor would pile on the costs.

  • If you still prefer an in-ground pool, you can choose fibreglass to save on costs. A fibreglass shell would be delivered to your house and laid into the hole on the ground that you have had excavated for the purpose. More durable and smoother than concrete, fibreglass pools can last longer, and require little in terms of maintenance needs. This reduces the amount you’ll spend on your pool in the long run.


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