Proper Maintenance for Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are one of the more popular choices for most homeowners. Available in various styles and shapes, these pools are prized because of their inherent aesthetic appeal and minimal maintenance requirements. While they need minimal maintenance, they still need to be looked after and supplied with the proper chemicals to keep them safe for use. Another blog post will discuss how to maintain the pool’s glaze polish.

NEVER drain your pool without pro supervision

Improper draining of a fiberglass pool may lead to cracks and breakage. If you feel like draining your pool, always call for a pool professional to ensure it is done properly, including getting advice on using the right water-cleaning solutions. Fiberglass pools are made to hold water for longer periods of time without sustaining gradual damage

Carefully select your cleaning products

Avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning your pool, as these can damage the fibreglass material and lead to costly repairs. Strong cleaners can also alter the pool’s chemical balance. Use only cleaners that are specifically formulated for your particular pool material, and apply those using soft-bristled brushes to avoid unsightly scratches.

Fire up your filter right after swimming sessions

Doing so helps collect debris that stirred up while the pool is in use. Allow the filter to run for about 6 to 8 hours daily so that the water also circulates properly and completely. Always keep pool chemicals well-balanced to avoid skin irritations.


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