Swimming Pools in Perth: Backyard Features that Add Value to Homes

Aside from the above home improvement ideas, the addition of water features is also an effective way to enhance the beauty of outdoor living spaces. Well-placed and sufficiently equipped swimming pools in Perth homes, for instance, are good backyard design features that can serve as long-term investments for residential property owners. Aside from increasing resale value, pools also enhance the overall appearance of the home, provide hours of fun and relaxation, and allow homeowners to enjoy many health and psychological benefits.

Fibreglass Pools Save You Money In The Long Run

While it’s true that fibreglass pool prices are higher than those of vinyl or concrete pools, the reason for this can be summed up in one word: durability. In fact, when you look at the big picture, you’ll be astonished to discover that the total cost of fibreglass pools could actually be lower than the other two.

Fibreglass pools are more durable and require less maintenance than either vinyl or concrete pools. So yes, you might pay more now, but in the long run, you could end up saving money from repairs and maintenance costs.

Assuming you’ve got the budget, a basic small- to medium-sized fibreglass pool (inclusive of filter and chlorinator) should not break the bank. Other costs to consider over and above this include mandatory pool fencing, associated landscaping, transport and lighting. Fibreglass shells are supplied in set shapes and take less time to have built and installed. Continue reading

Should You Install a Dewatering System?

Hydrostatic pressure is a threat not just to fibreglass pools but also to any underground vessel, like septic tanks or oil drums. The constant push of groundwater against subterranean fixtures may cause significant hull damage if little or no force inside the fixture pushes against it.

Many pool builders believe backfilling the area around the pool is enough, but good installations rely on more than one system. The backfill can be accompanied by a simple dewatering system, consisting of a rigid PVC pipe and patio access. An external pump may be lowered onto the pipe base to draw out groundwater. Continue reading

Pool Maintenance Considerations

Owning a pool can guarantee you many summer hours of pleasure and adventure; you can even have a field day every day in your backyard, around the pool, if you choose to. To ensure hassle-free relaxation and amusement right in your home, in turn, you need to give your pool the attention it deserves. Cleaning your pool is not a one-time deal, though, as once installed, your pool will need regular maintenance so you can keep enjoying its perks.

Professional pool maintenance doesn’t just ensure the pool’s longevity; it’s also a way to make sure that the pool is always safe for you and your family to use. That said, here are some basic pool maintenance considerations worth keeping in mind: Continue reading