Have Fibreglass Pools in Perth Renewed, Save Over $500 on Heat Pumps

Winter is nearing its end in Perth and residents are looking forward to spring and summer. To celebrate the closing of the cold season, Palm City Pools is offering a special package for those who are planning to install fibreglass pools in their Perth homes.

From September 1 to September 30, you may get our solar heat pumps for only $3,850.00 (from the regular price of $4,400.00) if you order them with our refurbished fiberglass swimming pools. The promo price is inclusive of GST, and installation will be free of charge!

Perth Swimming Pools Installer Wins Two 2014 Regional SPASA Awards

Bibra Lake, Western Australia (August 8, 2014) – Palm City Pools, a trusted Perth swimming pools installer, has won two awards in the recently concluded 2014 regional SPASA Awards, which the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Western Australia hosted. The award-winning company, this year, was conferred with both Gold and Silver Awards in the Fiberglass Pools (Secondhand) Category of the leading competition for pool installers in the region.

The recent awards come as an addition to a growing number of achievements Palm City Pools received for the same category in previous years. The recognitions the company has now received thus far include five Gold Awards (2014, 2013, 2011, 2010, and 2009) and six Silver Awards (2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009). Being a regular recipient of SPASA Western Australia prestigious awards is a clear indication of how Palm City Pools is dedicated to create wonderful home additions for every client using their expertise in installing secondhand fi

Fiberglass Pools in Perth: Good Sells in Discriminating Neighbourhoods

Refurbished fiberglass pool prices are definitely lower than those of new pools, since they are made from already existing moulds. Despite being refurbished, a fiberglass pool can look like brand new with proper installation. The lower costs and fresh appearance can definitely factor significantly into improving the value of a property.

The ease in maintaining a fiberglass pool also adds to its desirability. All it needs is some simple cleaning; algae and other fungi will find it difficult to latch onto its smooth wall surfaces. Luxury homeowners can benefit from the reduced cost of a refurbished fiberglass pool, while enjoying all of its perks.

Perth Plunge Pools Still Fit the Bill Amidst Perth’s Shrinking Lots

Fortunately, the pool industry has come up with a solid solution. Pool companies such as Palm City Pools encourage homeowners with small lots to have pools with sizes as small as 12.5 square metres installed instead. While these Perth plunge pools aren’t made for breaststrokes, swimming isn’t the only way to cool off on a scorching Perth afternoon. Many people simply prefer a pool area where they can relax and have a coldie.

Plunge pools are also made for those who want their own body of water but not have to worry about maintenance and installation. Due to its small size, plunge pools are easy to clean. If you want some swimming done, resistance jets can provide an ideal condition for swimming in place. The jets can also induce a therapeutic effect.