Pools for Perth Homes: Tips to Match or Improve a Weatherboard House

One can certainly appreciate the variety of residential architecture styles in Perth, some of which are more popular than others. Federation-style houses are probably the most common residences you’ll find as this style celebrates the country’s identity through flora and fauna or sunrise motifs in the timber work. You’ll also see some California Bungalows and numerous houses with contemporary designs.

In most cases, you may observe a common element in any of the above architectural styles: weatherboard. This lightweight siding material is distinctively wooden in appearance and made of either genuine timber or more modern materials like vinyl and acrylic. The classic lap siding gives both traditional and modern homes an undeniable charm.

Custom Installed Plunge Pools in Perth: Embracing the Art Deco Style

Like other states in the country, Western Australia’s landscape is quite diverse, especially when it comes to the architecture of homes and other buildings. You can see neighbourhoods with plenty of preserved or refurbished Federation style homes in one region, and in another, you can spot a few quaint Californian Bungalows as well as several Functional homes. In Perth, you can still see a few restored homes built around the 1930s that sport the Art Deco style in addition to properties inspired by distinctly French architecture.

Art Deco as an aesthetic movement retains its appeal to this day and even drives contemporary trends because of the interesting elements associated with it. You can recognise an Art Deco home by virtue of its façade and indoor features designed with clean, straight lines and intricate geometric patterns. The materials used are often a mixture of exotic wood and streamlined chrome or steel.

Perth Fibreglass Pools: An Overview of the Kidney Shaped Swimming Pool

If you are in the market for in-ground fibreglass pools in Perth, you will have to sift through so many choices in terms of shape—rectangular, L-shaped, circular, etc. Certain shapes complement the surrounding structures or landscape better than others. That being said, the kidney shape may be on top of your list of choices since it’s a very popular design adored by many pool owners.

The Kidney Shaped Pool Described
As the name implies, kidney-shaped pools resemble an oval with an indentation on one side. The absence of any angles gives the design a natural look and makes it suitable for backyards of any size. It also provides a natural placement of both shallow and deep ends for swimmers.

Perth Swimming Pools: 4 Common Questions about Salt Water Chlorinators

When it comes to clean and well-maintained Perth swimming pools, salt water chlorinators are all the rage these days. If you still haven’t made the switch to this type of pool chlorination system, consider the following frequently asked questions and learn about the benefits of owning such a wonderful piece of technology.

What is a salt water chlorinator?
As the name implies, salt water chlorinators use salt to create the chlorine necessary to effectively sanitise swimming pool water. Salt water passes through the chlorinator’s electrolytic cell which converts the salt into chlorine, which is what kills all the contaminants, bacteria and algae within a pool.

What are the benefits of using a salt water chlorinator?
Salt water chlorinators significantly minimise—and at times completely eliminate—the need to purchase and handle chlorine for pool water maintenance.