Fiberglass Pools Increase Perth Property Values

A homeowner is always on the lookout for how to increase a property’s value. One of the best ways to do this is to build a pool. Fiberglass pools, in particular, are increasingly becoming more popular because of their ease of maintenance and longevity. In fact, even after a fiberglass pool has reached the end of its lifespan, pool companies like Palm City Pools can still breathe life into it. Continue reading

Smaller Pools For Smaller Homes

With shrinking property sizes, it can be difficult to find space in your Perth backyard for a pool. Fortunately, the pool industry has come up with a solid solution. Pool companies such as Palm City Pools encourage homeowners with small lots to have pools as small as 12.5 square metres installed. While these Perth plunge pools aren’t made for breaststrokes, swimming isn’t the only way to cool off on a scorching Perth afternoon. Many people simply prefer a pool area where they can relax and have a coldie. Continue reading

With Affordable Perth Swimming Pools, Say Hello to Summer this October

If you’re concerned with affordability, we can provide you economic choices like no other. At Palm City Pools, we are experts at refurbishing Perth swimming pools, and we carry a selection of less expensive but high-quality fibreglass pools to suit your budget.

Our careful restoration process revives the beauty of old pools, so you can purchase products that will truly enhance your outdoor living area. We have also released our two BRAND NEW swimming pools the Florina and Edessa. Be sure to check out our stunning new pool shapes at

Fibreglass Swimming Pools in Perth: A Great Choice for Fitness Buffs?

Perth has its share of great places to go for a swim, like the Beatty Park Leisure Centre and the Fremantle Leisure Centre. However, since these are open to the public, individuals looking for some swimming exercise can expect the pools to get pretty crowded. Thus, they can consider having their own fibreglass swimming pools in Perth.

Generally speaking, swimming is a good way to stay fit and healthy because doing so allows individuals to move their whole body against the water’s force. Since water is denser than air, it’s believed that as long as swimmers make the most out of their time in the water, they can burn more calories than they would out of the pool.