Transforming Your Pool into a Party Spot

Swimming laps in the pool is an effective way to work the muscles in your entire body, but the advantage of exercise is not the only reason having your very own pool is a great idea. Your pool also serves as your centre of entertainment when you have guests. To get your guests stoked, here is a brief look at how to transform your pool into an ace entertainment area:


You’re probably already familiar with decking as a way to maximize your outdoor space, but do you know that this can be incorporated into pools as well to make the most out of your pool area? With the right slip-resistant decking, your guests can get in and out of the pool for snacks and drinks, without having to worry about falling over. Continue reading

Things to Consider before Plunging into a New Pool

Dad’s in the shed. Mum’s in the kitchen. Sonny’s locked up in his room. Life would be so much more fun if there were activities at home the entire family could enjoy. Wouldn’t it be great to have a pool? No more queueing, no more parking, no crowds to deal with. Sounds pretty spiffy, right? Before you dive into the idea, here’s something to think about.

Concrete or fiberglass?

The amount of time and money involved greatly depends on this decision. Concrete pools can be designed with no limitations but will take more time to complete. On the other hand, fiberglass pools in Perth come in pre-formed shapes, can be installed within a week’s time, and cost significantly less than concrete ones. Continue reading

Is it Worth It? Helpful Tips on Buying Inground Pools in Perth

Having a concrete inground swimming pool is custom made and costs more than one made of fibreglass, for it includes tiles and other items to personalise the pool. Furthermore, it requires heavy and regular maintenance in order to prevent algae from building up, unlike in fibreglass swimming pools, where they use less chemicals and are cheaper to maintain.

Both kinds of pools, however, require additional costs for fencing and paving. You’ll have to complement your garden to your swimming pool and create a pavement where you and your children can pass through when going to the pool. Nowadays, however, fibreglass pools are not limited to ovals or rectangles. There are many varieties of fibreglass pools in Perth to choose from which can be viewed online such as those from Palm City Pools. They offer a variety of second-hand and refurbished fibreglass pools that look just like new as well as brand new swimming pools also.

Live the Movie Star Life: The Sophistication of Plunge Pools in Perth

Plunge pools are known for their small size, making it perfect for relaxation. This kind of pool is now becoming more popular in hotels and resorts for guests, ranging from businessmen to A-list movie stars, who are simply itching to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city and just relax in the water. Aside from relaxation, plunge pools are also perfect for newly-wed couples on their honeymoon.

This experience, however, doesn’t have to be exclusive to five-star hotels and resorts. Perth plunge pools are the preferred swimming pools at home, since living spaces are now becoming smaller as the days go by, everyone has to make the most out of it. Furthermore, plunge pools are easier to maintain than regular-sized swimming pools and are perfect for your kids and for the whole family.